Data Quality Analyst

  • R6052
  • Belfast, United Kingdom

The quality of our customer data is critical, and so we are looking for Analysts to join our newly created Data Quality team in Belfast to play a key role in ensuring the accuracy and consistency of our data.  You will be an advocate for data quality and enjoy solving data problems through root cause analysis to help drive business action. 

About the Team

The Data Quality team is focused on improving the accuracy, actionability and scalability of Rapid7’s Customer data across core systems such as Salesforce, Netsuite and our internal customer platform. 

Our goal is to build a strong, sustainable data foundation that enables our ‘Go to Customer’ teams to consistently execute activities that drive customer achievement.

This team currently works to action this goal in 4 primary ways: 

  • Proactive Efforts to Ensure Customer Data Consistency - Automated data cleanup processes to prevent customer issues from happening, plus activities to ensure critical data is accurate and available (HQ Address, Website, 3rd Party firmographics, R7 Platform mapping)

  • Resolution of High Priority Issues - Risk Management - Efficient remediation of high priority customer-facing issues when they do happen (i.e. Support Case visibility, Platform access issues)

  • Root Source Foundational Analysis - Identification of core improvement areas needed to effectively scale our customer data model (i.e. validations to support DUNS matching, Platform -> SFDC integration improvements)

  • Key Business Initiative Support - High value data activities to ensure success of core projects and/or reduce manual work for operational teams (i.e. Acquisition data migration support, Customer Value Realization data mapping, streamlining EOQ reporting activities by ensuring customer data quality, etc.)

About the Role

The Data Quality Analyst role provides a vital role in ensuring that Rapid7 maintains control over our data quality.  You will proactively work on data cleanup processes and business initiatives to continuously improve our data quality to drive confidence in business decisions and improve our customer experience. 

In this role, you will:

  • Identify optimal approaches for resolving data quality or consistency issues to achieve set goals 

  • Diagnose sources of data quality issues by performing root cause analysis - evaluate core systems and processes and analyse data to reach conclusions and identify trends  (i.e. is our overall data quality improving over time?) and ‘problem areas’ (where is more focus needed?)

  • Monitor and measure ongoing data fidelity (quality and consistency) as well as progress of key data quality initiatives and report progress regularly to data governance business functions 

  • Perform tactical high priority clean up activities when they arise (i.e. priority 3rd party data matching, account merging, customer data checks)

  • Manage an inbound queue of Data Quality requests that span across multiple tools and systems such as Salesforce, Netsuite and internal applications

  • Partner with internal IT and business teams to resolve data quality issues when they arise and take actions such as:

  • Identify system gaps and articulate business requirements where necessary

  • Perform UAT functions

  • Ongoing analysis and maintenance of key system processes (i.e. Lead to Account matching, Platform <-> SFDC mapping, etc.)

The skills you’ll bring include:

  • 2-3 years experience performing analysis on large datasets - identifying consistency issues, trends, and assessing overall accuracy and quality to help drive appropriate business action 

  • Technical knowledge of core business systems such as Excel, Salesforce, Netsuite

  • Ability to work effectively with 3rd party data tools and services such as D&B Optimiser, Hoovers, LinkedIn Sales Insights and optimize their integration with core systems

  • Ability to understand integration tools such as Workato, Syncari and partner closely with internal teams on optimising data flows between systems

  • Collaborative team player who has the ability to partner cross functionally to resolve data quality issues and create customer outcomes 

  • Strong problem solving skills with an analytical approach 

  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to articulate ‘big picture’ trends

  • Customer centric approach, puts the customer needs at the forefront of all decision making 

Nice to haves:

  • Ability to use Google Scripts or SQL to create and deploy solutions to automate recurring data quality tasks and functions 

  • Knowledge or ability to use data cleansing tools such as Cloudingo or Syncari to execute ‘mass-actions’ on data (i.e. auto merging, data enrichment, archiving processes)

  • Experience with reporting tools such as Tableau 

We know that the best ideas and solutions come from multi-dimensional teams. That’s because these teams reflect a variety of backgrounds and professional experiences. If you are excited about this role and feel your experience can make an impact, please don’t be shy - apply today.

About Rapid7

Rapid7 (NASDAQ: RPD) helps organizations across the globe protect what matters most so innovation can thrive in an increasingly connected world. Our comprehensive technology, services, and community-focused research simplify the complex for security teams, helping them reduce vulnerabilities, monitor for malicious behavior, be in 10 places at once, and shut down attacks. We’re on a mission to make security solutions easier to use and access so we can bring safety and resilience to more people.  With more than 10,000 customers across 140+ countries, Rapid7 is a leader in cybersecurity that has earned numerous industry accolades and recognition for our technology and culture.


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