Careers at Rapid7

Rapid7 is a dynamic team working to empower the world’s protectors on behalf of the millions who depend on us. We come to work every day to push boundaries in cybersecurity and create a better future for everyone. This is a place where employees can build the career experience of a lifetime while working within a collaborative and supportive community where anything is possible. We’re invested in fostering a healthy, diverse, dynamic workplace where everyone is empowered to enact positive change.

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The Impact We Make

What if security was an opportunity and not an obstacle?
What if customers could securely advance their business with clarity and confidence?

At Rapid7, we believe in simplifying the complex through shared visibility, analytics, and automation. Our best-in-class solutions and strategic expertise give customers everything they need to stay ahead of attackers and out of the news. Our digital world has us more connected than ever, and we rely on technology for everyday tasks in our personal and professional lives. This means the stakes for creating a safer digital world are higher than ever, and it’s our responsibility to show up every day and give our best for our customers and the security community we’re a part of. 

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What We Value

Showing up and giving our best requires us to model and demonstrate the core values that enable us to move our business forward. At Rapid7, these values are deeply ingrained into our everyday decisions. We recognize people for demonstrating these values on a regular basis through daily shout-outs and quarterly awards. As our teams grow, we seek out individuals who align with these values and can positively impact both our culture and our business. 

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Be an Advocate

We work relentlessly to act as a champion by prioritizing the open, honest sharing of ideas and feedback to propel our people, our customers, and our industry forward.

Challenge Convention

We challenge old ways of thinking and forge new paths with foresight, discipline, and determination. We will responsibly push the envelope and take chances to keep our customers—and ourselves—ahead of the curve.


Impact Together

We support one another on our journey forward and actively look for ways to collaborate, strengthen our ideas, and learn from one another to help our customers overcome their challenges while building an exceptional company in the process.

Bring You

“Bring You” is an invitation for everyone who works at Rapid7 to embrace their own uniqueness and feel comfortable bringing their true self to work. We know that fostering a culture of inclusion enables people to be more creative and generate innovative ideas. By empowering our employees to be their authentic selves, we’re creating the conditions for a dynamic workplace where innovation can thrive.

Never Done

We pursue excellence through continuous learning to keep growing personally and professionally. We are insatiably curious, and we are constantly in search of a better solution.



How We Work

Our Hybrid-First Working Model

Our approach is hybrid first, with most of our team members spending three days a week in the office. Rapid7 is built on a culture of collaboration and teamwork designed to foster meaningful connections and trusting relationships. While we do have a handful of roles that are entirely remote to accommodate specific job functions or colleagues with special needs, we believe that innovation, creativity, and a customer-first mindset are optimized when we spend time with our teams and cross-functionally with others. This hybrid approach underpins our commitment to flexibility and adaptability while supporting our dedication to development, teamwork and customer purpose.


Collaboration and Connection

We believe the best ideas and solutions come from working together and creating diverse, multi-faceted teams. At Rapid7, we’ve created opportunities and events to keep people connected and encourage cross-functional relationships through a variety of in-person and virtual programs, events, and celebrations. One of the most unique examples of this is our InsightCoffee program. With the simple act of sharing a cup of coffee with a colleague, we avail ourselves of the opportunity to learn more about the skills, backgrounds and interests that make each one of us unique. When we do that, we collectively foster learning, collaboration, creativity, and inclusiveness company-wide. 


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To support, enable, and empower all Rapid7 Moose identifying as women to bring their best, true selves to work every day through community, action, and activism. Through our understanding of the unique challenges faced by women in the workforce, we hope to create connections and use our knowledge to uplift each other and encourage young girls to consider a career in STEM and/or in the Tech Industry. We embrace the individual, champion gender progress and elevate women by amplifying their voices.



Rapid7 Mosaic represents the vast tapestry that is the Asian and Pacific Islander community. We aim to provide resources, events, and open forums to create camaraderie and a greater sense of belonging for Asian and Pacific Islander identifying moose. Rapid7 Mosaic fosters a sense of purpose, develops talent and will empower Rapid7 to become the most inclusive cybersecurity company in the world.



Focused on fostering a welcoming and supportive environment for all those who have served their country. Rapid7 Vets does this through creating opportunities for connection, building internal community rooted in understanding, collaborating on programs and events that elevate our community and helping build pathways for Veterans to enter into cybersecurity and find space here at Rapid7.



Rapid7 DiverseAbility and Neurodiversity group aims to level the playing field by making the day-to-day experience of ALL employees equivalent in challenge level regardless of disability or neurodivergence. We want the unique talents of all to shine and be celebrated for what they bring to the company as a whole.  To do so, we will create intentional space for community, curate impactful moments to help educate our fellow moose, and advocate for improvements to support our exceptionally-skilled moose to close the achievement gap.


Rapid7 Pride aims to provide education, support, and awareness to all Rapid7 moose, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We hope to provide all of our LGBTQIA+ Moose with the tools and infrastructure to allow them to Bring You every single day. We will vouch for each and every one of you to create systems and processes to accommodate your needs, and if processes need updating, we will work with our colleagues to do so.



The Vibranium Rapid Impact Group seeks to build community and connection for Black and Hispanic Moose as well as to promote awareness, facilitate dialogue, and drive support generally of Rapid7 DEI initiatives. By driving inclusion of Vibranium voices at all organizational levels at Rapid7, Vibranium strives to attract, develop, and retain Black and Hispanic talent for the achievement of Rapid7 objectives as a corporate and community leader.



People Development

At Rapid7, we approach career development as a living ecosystem where people at any point in their career are continually learning and growing. This kind of development comes from a variety of sources, whether it’s education and formal programs, exposure and new experiences, or giving back by sharing their knowledge with others. Here, our employees are encouraged to focus on their own career growth, and managers are expected to nurture and cultivate growth and learning among their teams.  

For new hires: Global 90 day onboarding program, where new hires are fully immersed into our culture, values, and business. 

For emerging leaders: Programs like Manager Bootcamp and New Moose Leadership Training are designed to help grow your skills as a leader, and identify opportunities to improve. 

For ongoing development and learning: Our GPS resources enable employees at any level of their career to have productive conversations around professional goals and growth. The framework is accessible to all moose who are encouraged to be proactive in advocating for their career trajectory. Additionally, we have a variety of resources and digital libraries for anyone looking to brush up on existing skills or learn something new to expand their horizon. 

Explore how our Learning and Development team reimagined our programs to support a hybrid workplace in our 'The Forecast is Flipped' blog series. 

How We Support You



Career Development

At Rapid7, we provide a platform for career development and growth. Through a combination of formal programs and informal experiences, you’ll have the ability to drive your career forward and own your development journey. 



Hybrid Working Model

Rapid7 is a hybrid first company. We embrace this way of working as it enables our people to do their best work within a collaborative culture that sparks opportunities for innovation and growth along the way. 


Health and Wellness

When you join Rapid7, you’ll quickly see that we care for our people and their experience with us.  Offering country specific competitive health and wellbeing programs, financial opportunities, as well as a whole host of additional perks is just one way we show that.


Competitive Compensation Packages

We’ve carefully created compensation packages that are competitive, and reward our people equitably and provide long term wealth while sharing in the success of our business.